Upgradation of CCTV cameras - 1st March 2022 Click here

Toilet Construction at Parking - 5th February 2022 Click here

Stage construction at Basement - 2nd February 2022 Click here

Bridge room wall repair - 10th January 2022 Click here

Terrace above Badminton Court repair due to leakage - 5th January 2022 Click here

Construction of Banquet Rooms - 10th December 2021 Click here

Resurfacing of Lawn Tennis Courts - 15th November 2021 Click here

Chlorinate plant for swimming pool - 2nd October, 2021 - Click here

Cricket ground coaching fencing - 2nd October, 2021 - Click here

Change of Steps at Badminton Court - 2nd October, 2021 - Click here

Purchasing new Air conditioners for Card room, Snooker & Bar. - 5th August, 2021 - Click here

Boom baarier at Main Gate - 8th September,2020 Click here

Green Rooms at Swimming Pool and Football ground - 5th August, 2020 - Click here

Renovation and Repair Staff Toilet Backside of Badminton Court - 5th August, 2020 - Click here

Tender ADVT Waterproofing - 3rd March 2020 Click here

Renovation of Swasthya Kendra - 5th February, 2020 - Click here

Repair work at Lobby - 2nd Jan 2020 Click here

Tiles removing and water proofing above Gym - 5th Oct 2019 Click here

Septic Tank at 3rd Tennis Court - 2nd October,2019 Click here

Shed Over Gym - 5th Aug 2019 Click here

Making New Cabinate at Admin Office - 4th Aug 2019 Click here

Separate line for drainage - 14th July, 2019 - Click here

Steps from Gents Spa - 15th June, 2019 - Click here

Renovation of Non Member changing room - 5th June, 2019 - Click here

Installation of additional Air Conditioners in Multipurpose Hall. - 4th April, 2019 - Click here

POP work at Basement - 12th April,2019 Click here

Concrete work at main gate - 27th Mar,2019 Click here

Turn Style- Flap Gate installation at Lobby - 5th Mar, 2019 - Click here

Shed and concreting at Joggers Park Civil Work - 10th Jan 2019 Click here

Rectification of water leakage at swimming pool - 8th January,2019 Click here

Construction of water tank at football ground - 1st December, 2018 - Click here

Civil Work at Main Gate - 15th November, 2018 - Click here

Restaurant Passage Wall - 5th November, 2018 - Click here

Trophy Glass Shelf And Paneling Near Reception Desk - 7th September, 2018 - Click here

Repairing of Tables and Chairs in Card Room - 18th August, 2018 - Click here

Purchase of Billiards/Snooker Material - 18th August, 2018 - Click here

Making of Snooker cupboard - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Installation of ACP sheet at First floor ceiling - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Installation of charcoal sheet at First floor passage wall and Mini Banquet - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Football ground bathroom ceiling water proofing - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Repairing of Three Water Tank - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Painting work of Restaurant top shed - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Repairing of Basement at back side & front side of Badminton court - 17th August, 2018 - Click here

Renovation of Squash court - 5th June,2018 Click here

Locker at Swimming pool changing room - 8th May, 2018 - Click here

Wall Paneling At Gents Spa Room - 30th March, 2018 - Click here

Painting Works at Celebration Club - 22nd January, 2018 - Click here

Wall paneling at Card room - 10th December,2017 - Click here

Modification and Renovation of Swimming pool table - 20th November,2017 Click here

Development of Mobile Application - 1st November,2017 Click here

Kitchen at Backside Of Badmintion Court - 10th October,2017 Click here

Renovation of Three Tennis courts - 3rd August,2017 - Click here

Swimming pool filter plant and New motor work - 1st September,2017 - Click here