Election to the New Managing Committee of The S.N.L.C.C.H.S.A. Ltd. for the year 2015-20 was held on Monday, 20th July, 2015 and the panel led by Mr. Hemant Nair has won 8 out of 9 seats. The following are new members of the Managing Committee of The S.N.L.C.C.H.S.A.Ltd. for 2015-2020.

Mr. P.S. Chandhok


Mr. Hemant Nair

Hon. Secretary

Mrs. Renuka Nayar


Mr. Dinesh Bansal

Hon. Jt. Secretary

Mr. Sunil Khanna

Committee Member

Mr. Davinder Suri

Committee Member

Mrs. Mamta Dhar

Committee Member

Mr. Sanjay Prashar

Committee Member